Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Blog Chatter – My Journey of Gratitude

Ah, what a journey through Half Marathon and then #MyFriendAlexa and of course #FriendlyReader. Thank you The Blog Chatter @BlogChatter for creating such a generous platform. Kudos to you for bringing together some most beautiful people to know at on place and this one place is no less than a ‘Creative Earth’. 

This Haiku is dedicated to you team @BlogChatter

Fledglings on the ground 
Creating, cuddling together
Your harnessing warmth! 

I remember how infrequent writer I am. It is more than Seven Years that I started on Blogging and had hardly written enough. I am realizing that I had written only 35 Posts with 203 Comments on my English Blog. I shall try to be a little more regular now onward.

Guess what, among these 35 posts 22 are after my joining ‘The Blog Chatter’. Thank you once again.

Within this journey of few months, I have been busy working on my first Novel (Fiction), but I met with some beautiful people whose presence itself motivated me enough to keep writing for my Blog. The Result – The Novel is searching for its Publishers and my fingers right now typing this gratitude.

The secondary result is the Alexa. Just before joining #MyFriend Alexa my Alea was in some crores and today; while writing this post’; it is 3,526,098 Global Rank. It means a lot and thank you every body for giving my writes your precious time and leaving me with your valuable comments. 

Thank you Saumy Nagayach for being stay put with me since my first short story post.

Modern Gypsy! Gypsy! Really. Thank you for giving me such valuable inputs and thank you even more for some brilliant writes of yours. I am sure that I will write a post shortly of my astral occult experiences. Some experience I have written in my Novel too . 

Tarang Sinha. Thank you for your time and hope your Novel is doing well. 

Tina Basu. Thank you. Hope you are enjoying your Haiku times. 

Maurya Amarkant, Atul Maharaj, Shalini, Rajlakshmi, Anil, Shweta Dave, Roma Gupta Sinha, Ramesh Sood, Rashmi Lingappa, Deepa, awkwardearthling , Amrita Basu Misra, MPJ, Indu Chibber, Vinay Leo R, Shalini19, Subha Rajagopal, Payal, Deepti, Ambrish Tripathi, Uppal and All, I cannot thank you much. I am because you are. 

This write (in Sanskrit) is dedicated to you all (This is about the concept of oneness against duality. This is dealt widely in my Novel) 

Twam Swaha, Twam Swadha, Twameva hi Ishwaratmika! 
Shivoham, shivotwam!! 
(त्वम् स्वाहा , त्वम् स्वधा, त्वमेव ही इश्वरात्मिका 
शिवोऽहं, शिवोऽत्वं !!) 

In this journey I have gone through many brilliant writes. On some I have commented and on some I was not able to comment. They all are brilliant and forgive me for not commenting upon. 

The auspicious seasons of festivals are here. I wish all prosperous, Navratra, Deepavali and Chaath. 

I am anticipating keeping in touch with you all. 

Utpal Kant Mishra
Sep. 28, 2016

P.S: This write is for #Blogchatter #MyFriendAlexaWeek 4.


Atulmaharaj said...

I'm glad you became a part of this. Thanks a lot for the mention :)

Shalini said...

Many congratulations! :)

Utpal said...

@ Atul Maharaj. You are welcome. Thanks again

Utpal said...

@ Shalini, Thanks a lot again

Saumy Nagayach said...

Thanks for the mention! I hope you enjoyed this campaign thoroughly! Glad we all connected thru BlogChatter. :)

Rajlakshmi said...

Hope you find a publisher soon :D Good luck
Thank you so much for the mention :D

Deepti Agarwal said...

Good luck for your Fiction... Keep writing

Utpal said...

@ Saumy, Thanks a lot and yes I did enjoy every bit of it.

Utpal said...

Thanks Rajlakshmi. Amen!

Utpal said...

Thanks a lot Deepti