Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Blog Chatter – My Journey of Gratitude

Ah, what a journey through Half Marathon and then #MyFriendAlexa and of course #FriendlyReader. Thank you The Blog Chatter @BlogChatter for creating such a generous platform. Kudos to you for bringing together some most beautiful people to know at on place and this one place is no less than a ‘Creative Earth’. 

This Haiku is dedicated to you team @BlogChatter

Fledglings on the ground 
Creating, cuddling together
Your harnessing warmth! 

I remember how infrequent writer I am. It is more than Seven Years that I started on Blogging and had hardly written enough. I am realizing that I had written only 35 Posts with 203 Comments on my English Blog. I shall try to be a little more regular now onward.

Guess what, among these 35 posts 22 are after my joining ‘The Blog Chatter’. Thank you once again.

Within this journey of few months, I have been busy working on my first Novel (Fiction), but I met with some beautiful people whose presence itself motivated me enough to keep writing for my Blog. The Result – The Novel is searching for its Publishers and my fingers right now typing this gratitude.

The secondary result is the Alexa. Just before joining #MyFriend Alexa my Alea was in some crores and today; while writing this post’; it is 3,526,098 Global Rank. It means a lot and thank you every body for giving my writes your precious time and leaving me with your valuable comments. 

Thank you Saumy Nagayach for being stay put with me since my first short story post.

Modern Gypsy! Gypsy! Really. Thank you for giving me such valuable inputs and thank you even more for some brilliant writes of yours. I am sure that I will write a post shortly of my astral occult experiences. Some experience I have written in my Novel too . 

Tarang Sinha. Thank you for your time and hope your Novel is doing well. 

Tina Basu. Thank you. Hope you are enjoying your Haiku times. 

Maurya Amarkant, Atul Maharaj, Shalini, Rajlakshmi, Anil, Shweta Dave, Roma Gupta Sinha, Ramesh Sood, Rashmi Lingappa, Deepa, awkwardearthling , Amrita Basu Misra, MPJ, Indu Chibber, Vinay Leo R, Shalini19, Subha Rajagopal, Payal, Deepti, Ambrish Tripathi, Uppal and All, I cannot thank you much. I am because you are. 

This write (in Sanskrit) is dedicated to you all (This is about the concept of oneness against duality. This is dealt widely in my Novel) 

Twam Swaha, Twam Swadha, Twameva hi Ishwaratmika! 
Shivoham, shivotwam!! 
(त्वम् स्वाहा , त्वम् स्वधा, त्वमेव ही इश्वरात्मिका 
शिवोऽहं, शिवोऽत्वं !!) 

In this journey I have gone through many brilliant writes. On some I have commented and on some I was not able to comment. They all are brilliant and forgive me for not commenting upon. 

The auspicious seasons of festivals are here. I wish all prosperous, Navratra, Deepavali and Chaath. 

I am anticipating keeping in touch with you all. 

Utpal Kant Mishra
Sep. 28, 2016

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Friday, September 23, 2016

Bliss - A Haiku

(Pic From

New Dawn, Morning bliss 
Smiling sun at horizon
Night slept peacefully!

Utpal Kant Mishra
Sep. 23, 2016

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Thursday, September 22, 2016


(Pic from

“Get hold of him.”

“He will not be saved today.”

“Get away from the way, rascals.”

“Get hold of him.”

Some ten young people were running in a narrow lane shouting at one another. All of them were in their mid to late twenties. A six feet tall, fair, handsome looking man was leading the gang. He was one shouting “Get hold of him.” All of them were having open and loaded guns in their hand. The man leading was holding Webely Scott four five - five calibre revolver and rest of the men were holding country made three knot three single shot pistols.

It was a narrow cull – de – sac lane. People on the lane ran for their shelters and those who were at their home shut their doors and windows. There was a pin drop silence and everyone could hear those men running. People were peeping outside from their windows.

Four young men were sitting at the door of their house and were bantering among themselves when they saw those men coming towards them. They ran and “Clinkk”

The first shot was fired from one of the country made pistol.

“Who fired. He is mine. Nobody will fire another shot.” The leader shouted.

"I will show him today what power means." He roared while running. 

Speed of the four guys slowed as they looked back with the sound and the group reached them. 

Four people grabbed one of them and stroke him hard. 

“Run away you bastards.” One of those men threatened the rest of the three. They ran for their shelter.

The gang leader dragged the fourth person by his collar. There was a rectangular space at the end of the lane. There were houses all around that space and there was a well at the centre of the rectangle.

They dragged him near the well and forced his head down on the elevated edge of the well. The leader put the barrel of his gun on that man’s lobe. 

Webely rammed for six time and there was blood all around. Those holding that guy had blood and pieces of his brain on their shirt.

The gang leader roared and threw his body inside the well.

Residents of the lane were witnessed every single moment from their roof top at the mid of afternoon.

The gang ran towards the concrete wall of cull – de – sac and scaled it. They jumped over the other side and within minutes vanished in the crowd near the railway track. 

Within minutes siren of police vehicles echoed that lane and the team reached there. Followed by them came journalists, forensic experts, ambulance and crying members of the killed man.

Everything was so perfect. Everyone was doing ones job with utmost perfection and there was nothing to grudge for. Everyone knew that the gang will be arrested and booked by the law sooner than later.

It was only I who thought “Ah, humanity died again.”

I am still thinking "Has the power really been showed?" 

“Silly me!” 

Oh, my musings. 

Utpal Kant Mishra 
Sep. 22, 2016 

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Friday, September 16, 2016

Hunger - A Haiku & More

Dying are your children 
Fruits, grains, oh mother nature 
My dear capitalism!

As we believe, we live in the most advanced era of humankind.

“21st Century. Wow! Advancements, riches, exploration, knowledge, power what not we do have now.” 

“Awareness and empathy, do you have that?” 

“Yes, we have most effective Media now.” 

“Ah, then you must be knowing your world in and out.” 

“Oh, yes. We have google too.”

“Ah ha! You are so very advanced. I just wanted to blabber something.”

“Go ahead. I am sitting here free for my Friday Drinks. You know I need to relax.”

“Yeah Sure. You need to relax over your drinks.”

“21,000 people die of hunger or hunger related causes every day in our world. This is one person every four second. Children die most often. We had given you plenty of Food for everyone. How did these people get trapped in poverty and that too to an extent where they do not have money to buy their food? Ah, food is to be bought, the most advanced Versions of Human kinds.”

“No no. You carry on with your drink. I am just blabbering. I will do this a little more.

- Some 795 Million people in the world do not have enough food to lead a healthy and active life.

- 12.9% of the population of developing countries is malnourished. 

- Poor nutrition is causing almost 45% of death in children which is 3.1 Million each year.

- One in four of the world’s children are stunted. (This includes developed countries as well) 

Something specific to India 

-194.6 Million undernourished people. 

- one quarter of all unnourished people on the planet live in India. 

- It is home of one third of worlds stunted children that is 38.7% of the children under 5 Years of age.” 


"You might be having many things with you now but you are the loneliest of the humankind."

(Data Sources: World Food Program and

Utpal Kant Mishra
Sep. 16, 2016

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Friday, September 9, 2016

Growth - A Haiku

(Pic from

Soothing air, pretty clouds
And dancing lily in the pot
growth Imprisoned!

Utpal Kant Mishra
Sep.9, 2016  

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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Transformation - A Haiku

                                                             (Pic from Internet)

Sudden flow of breath
Passing flight of divine soul
The transformation!

Utpal Kant Mishra
Sep.8, 2016

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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Love! Thy shade is bliss.

I was travelling by LTT – RJPB Express from Mumbai to Patna. The train had just left Jabalpur station and was cruising slowly over the tracks. It was May and at around 4:30 PM there was scorching heat outside. I was sitting in the AC 2 Compartment at one of the side lower seats and was looking outside. 

There was a raised flat platform just besides the track beyond the boundaries of the railway station. A banyan tree near that platform was showering its bliss as soothing shelter to the platform. On that platform sat two couples.

I saw them and kept looking at them. When the train gained speed I went over to the gate of the boggy, opened it and leaned over.

They were two old malnourished beggars wearing their dirty and torn clothes. 

“Did I say old? How could I be so sure? Poverty brings age much earlier than destined.” 

The woman was giving massage on the right leg of her man and her man was gently massaging her hand moving over his leg. They were whispering among themselves.

“Are you feeling comfortable now?” I guessed them asking one another.

The Sun stood shy and the heat stupefied. I came back to my seat feeling warm in the air conditioned boggy.

I am asking myself “Is love all about you and I or is it all about We?” 

Utpal Kant Mishra
Sep. 4, 2016

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