Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Striptease of Time

“Striptease”……….. !!

All eyes must have caught a bold glance of this word. It is a very covetous and most of us get conscious with the mere mention of this word. Some become so very conscious that they even tour Bangkok and other such tourist place. But it happens every day in front of us and we do not even notice this happening and this happens to all of us.

In the lush green campus of Patna University when there was cacophony everywhere a guy was walking alone immersed in his own world and oblivious of all noises and distractions. He was probably floating on the air towards the banks of river Ganges.

“Vipin ! Vipin” and he become aware that somebody is calling him from behind.

He stops and by the time he could turn around Milind came near to him breathing heavily. 

“Oh Yaar Vipin! What were you thinking? I have been calling you since you entered the gate and you made me chase you like anything.”

“It’s ok. What is so important?”

“Nothing you lost idiot. I just felt like jogging and so was running behind you. Stupid “ 

“Ok. Ok. Hang on. Get your breaths back to normal. Let us walk towards Kaali Ghaat (the name of one bank of river Ganges inside the college campus)”

“Fine. Let us walk, but tell me what was that you were thinking all about which has made you lost?”

“Nothing as such yaar. I was just thinking about how to use Input - Output Model in the context of an Individual firm.”

“Oh, I was expecting only such kind of thing from you Mr. Brain Brawny. Do you have anything else apart from Economics and Literature in your life Mr. Uncle?”

This was what Vipin was. He was considered to be among one of the most brilliant students of Economics in the University and a person of varied interests ranging from Literature to Music and which also did incorporate Debates and other extracurricular activities. 

In short, he was a perfect example of moronic impractical. 

“Yes, what was so important that you were running behind me?” After seating themselves besides the bank Vipin asked to Milind.

“Yaar, we all need your help” 

“What? My help? What’s up dude?” 

“Nothing much buddy. It is Just a little showdown.”

“Showdown! Hey, what is all this? I am not the game.”

“No, No Vipin. You are no where. You are not the game. This is us who are to play. We just need you to support us by creativity.”

“Hey, hang on. What is all this? First you explain to me and trust you me I am not going to be in any kind of your mess.”

“Hey Guys! You all are sitting here and we were looking for you all around.” Satish, Praveen, Ramakrishnan and other of the gang joined in.

“Guys, I was asking Vipin for his help for the planned thing and he is not agreeing.” Milind has said this to all in a tone like India TV is broadcasting Breaking News.

“Yaar Vipin. Come on. Don’t be a spoil sport. We just need you to write something for us. It is only you who can write good among any one of us. We need just this much favor from you, for friends buddy.” Praveen said. 

“Hold on! Hold on! What is this that I need to write for you guys? Will somebody bother to tell me?”

“A simple and plain Love Letter” Ramakrishnan said it simply and plainly.

“What! A love letter” are you guys nuts? And by the way to who?”

“Yaar, will you do this for us or not? We asked you thinking you are our best friend and here you are asking so many questions. Do you think we are going to play some kind of punk with you? Let us go guys, seems he does not trust us.”

“Wait a minute! Wait a minute! It’s ok. If it is only a love letter I will write. But tell me who is going to give this letter to who.” Vipin tried to cool all his buddies.

What a paradox! Vipin’s day did start from Input – Output model and was now hovering to Love letter and that too without knowing for who by whom. But Vipin is ready almost to do this. 

I told you, he was a perfect example of moronic impractical. Wasn’t I right?

“Ok! You know Manisha”

“Who Manisha?”

“Hey Mr. Economics, the hot babe in your department, man.”

“Ok! Yes. “

“She has taken a fight with all of us, and so is this the show down”

“Hang on! Is this love letter for her”

“Nopes! For all the girls in her group”

“Lord! What is this? How can there be one common love letter for all the girls of the same group”

“That is why you are called Mr. Intelligent”

“What shall we do"

“Write a letter that seems to be a love letter and ends with befooling”

“Great idea! So do that for us Vipin”

“Will you guys hand over this letter in person to the ladies?”

“Nopes! We have got all their postal address” all smiled mischievously.

“Ok! I write this for you guys, but I am not the game buddies.”

“Ok Vipin. Rest assured you are not the game”

The letter is written

“Dear …….

I don’t know whether any one has told you before or not but you are the most beautiful woman God has ever created on this earth. You are the final definition of beauty of the creation and Love of the nature. 

If you can trust me, I have fallen deep in your love and I could not perceive a life devoid of you. This is one reason why I do not loose upon any opportunity having a word with you and believe you me your voice comes to me like the finest mid notes coming out of Sitar. Have you ever marked that you are not keeping your feet on ground but on your every step I lay my heart for you to walk on.

This reminds me, why don’t you change your sandals? Have you ever seen how torn are they? Which brand do you use? They are just torn flat and sound like prit – a - prat. How disgusting? Next time when you go to shop buy Bata and please do not expect me buying you one as I am like always out of pocket. I hope you were glad for a while walking on my heart but excuse me, I have kept it for some one else who I am sure you would not be interested in knowing and nor I will be interested in telling you. Look at your noses. They are so red like you have just smelled a chilli and so do I expect you to stop reading his nonsense and go to the washroom to clear them off.

Lovingly Yours…."

A week later the Principal of the college was frantically looking for the mischief but thankfully he didn’t go to the police. Not because of his benevolence but because of the fear of the parents of the Girls. The gang thanked the pusillanimous parents.

“ Striptease !” When it happens to us we do not know how to react. The striptease of time soaks all our adrenaline and leave us feel helpless; howsoever powerful one be.

So the gang was out of the college well settled except for Mr. Intelligent, Vipin. He started working with the private sector that too of Indian Origin. One can imagine what repentance path God has chosen for him. What else can be a better hell than being born in India and working in a private firm of Indian Origin.

So, one fine day his lady boss afraid of his intelligence handed him a letter which read like this”

“Dear Mr. Vipin

It is really an honor having you in my team and no doubt that your contribution has made my team the best team in the industry.

But, as you know the recession has eroded the maximum share of market our company will not be able to take the load of so many employees for the time being.

We as a token of appreciation are giving your dues with all incentives that you are entitled for with this letter and as soon as this recession will be over we would be working together again.

With best wishes.

Yours Sincerely…."

With soaked adrenaline Vipin moved towards his home to make calls to all his college “buddies” for help knowing no body will either pick up the phone and if mistakenly anyone picks up it will be of no use.

I hope Striptease now is not that covetous to you for your ogling eyes.

Good Day

Utpal Kant Mishra
Mumbai; March 29, 2011


payal agarwal said...

The stripped souls..We have to pay for every deed..in this life only..Life is a boomerang..nice read..good day to you too..

prritiy---------sneh said...
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prritiy---------sneh said...

good strip-fiction-tease. you are ...what? a good writer :), what did you think? hmm.

seriously a good write.
best wishes

Herbs & Nutrition said...

it's a good one... :)

Utpal said...

Thank you all for your time to go through all these and giving me your valuable insight.

I will try to keep on improving upon my writes.

Thanks a lot