Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Cascading Journey


“I want to become the CEO and will have a luxurious life ahead” this is what the mind of a young about to be a graduate in early 1990s was shouting day in and day out. His college mates were thinking that this guy has gone out of his mind.

"Ravish! You have such a brilliant credential; you have such a brilliant grasp over your subjects and literature. Why do you want to go to the private sector? You can easily come into any of the Government Services and than you will be in a position to have your pursuit with literature.” Akhil, his very close friend did suggest him one day.

But than, “I want to become” factor ravishes the mind and carves for such desires which becomes voluptuous at time eluding the realities of life. This is what was happening to Ravish at that point of time and so he was chasing his dreams of becoming the CEO.

Ravish and Akhil were examples of the product of Bihar who knew only one thing in life; study and study even more to get the desired job. A typical middle class dream of the then India where there were not much of opportunities in other fields as there is today. With no or little guidance they kept on working on what could possibly get them near their dreams. Ravish not with understanding what actually CEO is all about kept on working to become the CEO in future and Akhil kept on working to become Government official.

“Why are you sitting at home? Why don’t you move out and find some job for yourself?” Ravish’s mother shouted on him one day.

This was almost five years after his Graduation when he was sitting at home doing nothing while Akhil has by then joined his Government Service.

“Cash on to the natural instinct” is the sure way of success and this happens only when one has a good guide who can mould the nascent mud into fine shaped pottery. When one tries to find ways out of ones natural instinct, the process of mud converting into pottery becomes long.

“I am trying what I can Mom. Can’t you see all this? What else shall I do?” A Voice broken and tumbled in frustration came out from the stomach of Ravish.

Crestfallen and broken was Ravish as all his efforts were going in vain to get a job. He has forgotten what CEO is all about and the entire quest for him became to get a job. Whatsoever it be, howsoever it be.

The trauma of all middle class is that if not a job what next. Half of their lives goes in getting a job and rest half in getting their family established.

Finally, one fine morning Ravish get an offer letter and he did find himself working in Education Industry. How funny it is that Education has become and “Industry”. Till this day Ravish is thinking whether he really got educated or he is merely a well read person. So, Education these days are nothing but the business.

He gradually grew from Executive to Branch Manager. He has a hunger for growth which did help him work smart and hard to gain this position. “Hunger is something that is never satisfied but it is only satiated”.

“Hold this receipt and send us Rs. 10,000/- tomorrow and you know where you need to deposit this”. A more than six feet tall and dark khadi clad person asked Ravish having a forced entry into his office.

“Sir, the situation is this that we need to pay these people whatever they ask in for or else they can cause stupendous trouble”. Ravish did speak to his bosses in Head Office.

“We can’t pay for such things. You will have to manage the situation.”

“Sir, they are not the right elements. Try to understand the situation.”

“You need to manage this at your own Ravish. We do not pay for such things.”

He learnt his first corporate lesson. Fend for your own sake. No body is bothered about you.

“You people didn’t pay. What do you guys think? Do not open your office from tomorrow or we will close your chapter.”

Ravish did finally decide and moved on for Delhi. With no job in hand he was back to square one and with limited cash eroding fast he was having sleepless nights. It was over a month stay that he finally landed up again having a job.

He did start working in the Cosmopolitan culture and was aghast by the difference he was finding in working condition of Bihar and Delhi. He was a fast learner and so he did adjust in couple of weeks itself.

“Ravish! Develop a media plan for promotion. We need to penetrate fast in the market. Rather why don’t you develop the entire business plan for this vertical.” His super boss asked him.

Dr. Pushkar Ravish’s super boss was a known figure in the Education World of the country and he was considered to be an astute business man. Ravish knowing this was flustered by the new task that has been assigned to him and he was wondering whether he will be able to do this or not. On the contrary Dr. Pushkar was cooling his feet after assigning the task to him.

Days and night of works there after and the D Day did come for Ravish.

“So, what is the revenue model and what is the total projection Ravish”

“Sir! Rs 10.5 Cr is the projection” and then after Ravish explained the entire revenue model.

“Great! So what is the total budget you are looking for?”

“Sir! Rs 1 Cr”

“I give you Rs. 75 Lacs. Do it”

The target was over exceeded.

“Great work Ravish” everyone applauded.

The day of increments did come and Ravish was the most dissatisfied lot. In jiffy he did decide to quit and found another job for himself.

“Sir! I think this is my last assignment with this company.”


“I cannot manage myself in this salary Sir!”

“I will assign you with other tasks say teaching which can give you extra money”

“Sir! But I think I shall move on now.”

“Which company are you moving on?”

"Not in Education Sir! I am moving in Finance Industry”

“Ravish! Remember one thing. You are a cut out for Education Industry. You will always do better in this. Best of luck and keep in touch”

A potter there but the unsatisfied hunger worked as a driving force towards fate – accomplice.

Since than, Ravish is trying to find his right place but he is not getting one. Shuffling from one company to another still unsettled he looks back and thinks what he has learnt from all these years. He smiles; he has learnt the mantra of being CEO with all the free hands and undiminishing support from Dr. Pushkar.

He is still walking with some hope that one day with his skills learnt he will make it to this position. Luxury or not is immaterial to him now, he only wants this position. What is this, Unsatiated Hunger or a driving force? Answer is not important.

Akhil is now well settled and is having more than five publications in his name. Ravish is thinking when can he write again.

Utpal Kant Mishra
April 6, 2011


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Thanks a lot Kranti .... Finally somebody did read and liked ..... will try my level best to improve upon on every post