Thursday, September 8, 2016

Transformation - A Haiku

                                                             (Pic from Internet)

Sudden flow of breath
Passing flight of divine soul
The transformation!

Utpal Kant Mishra
Sep.8, 2016

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Lea said...

Beautiful and poignant...

Utpal said...

Thanks Lea for your read and appreciation.

I am honoured.

Mark said...

Transformation---how all of us need it!

rebecca said...

this touched me deeply. thank you Utpal for your haiku transformation and for joining us at haiku my heart.

Utpal said...

Thanks a lot Mark for your read. Yes, we all aspire for transformation.

Utpal said...


It is overwhelming for me to know that my work has touched you. The write became successful.

This is my honour to be a part of such a great platform.

Haiku My Heart.

Rashmi Lingappa said...

Beautiful!! Just the transformation we all aspire! Loved it Utpal:)

Utpal said...

Thanks Rashmi, for your read and appreciation. Your motivating comment means a lot.