Thursday, September 22, 2016


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“Get hold of him.”

“He will not be saved today.”

“Get away from the way, rascals.”

“Get hold of him.”

Some ten young people were running in a narrow lane shouting at one another. All of them were in their mid to late twenties. A six feet tall, fair, handsome looking man was leading the gang. He was one shouting “Get hold of him.” All of them were having open and loaded guns in their hand. The man leading was holding Webely Scott four five - five calibre revolver and rest of the men were holding country made three knot three single shot pistols.

It was a narrow cull – de – sac lane. People on the lane ran for their shelters and those who were at their home shut their doors and windows. There was a pin drop silence and everyone could hear those men running. People were peeping outside from their windows.

Four young men were sitting at the door of their house and were bantering among themselves when they saw those men coming towards them. They ran and “Clinkk”

The first shot was fired from one of the country made pistol.

“Who fired. He is mine. Nobody will fire another shot.” The leader shouted.

"I will show him today what power means." He roared while running. 

Speed of the four guys slowed as they looked back with the sound and the group reached them. 

Four people grabbed one of them and stroke him hard. 

“Run away you bastards.” One of those men threatened the rest of the three. They ran for their shelter.

The gang leader dragged the fourth person by his collar. There was a rectangular space at the end of the lane. There were houses all around that space and there was a well at the centre of the rectangle.

They dragged him near the well and forced his head down on the elevated edge of the well. The leader put the barrel of his gun on that man’s lobe. 

Webely rammed for six time and there was blood all around. Those holding that guy had blood and pieces of his brain on their shirt.

The gang leader roared and threw his body inside the well.

Residents of the lane were witnessed every single moment from their roof top at the mid of afternoon.

The gang ran towards the concrete wall of cull – de – sac and scaled it. They jumped over the other side and within minutes vanished in the crowd near the railway track. 

Within minutes siren of police vehicles echoed that lane and the team reached there. Followed by them came journalists, forensic experts, ambulance and crying members of the killed man.

Everything was so perfect. Everyone was doing ones job with utmost perfection and there was nothing to grudge for. Everyone knew that the gang will be arrested and booked by the law sooner than later.

It was only I who thought “Ah, humanity died again.”

I am still thinking "Has the power really been showed?" 

“Silly me!” 

Oh, my musings. 

Utpal Kant Mishra 
Sep. 22, 2016 

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Atulmaharaj said...

Intense read. Sadly this happens in India even today, something we need to ensure stops at the earliest.

Shalini said...

I understand what you feel and I think the entire nation feels the same.

Rajlakshmi said...

this craze to prove power has taken a toll on the country. So much violence and instances of inhumanity everywhere. You description is very intense.

Anil said...

Power is not in how you can harm someone, Real Power is how you can enable one to do better!

Utpal said...

@Atul Maharaj, Thanks a lot for your dropping by my post.

I am glad to know that you liked this write of mine.

Utpal said...

@ Shalini, Thanks for understanding and thank you very much for helping me in improving my Alexa.

Utpal said...

@ Rajlakshmi, Thanks for your read. Yes the inhumanity of (supposedly) humans perturbs me the most.

Utpal said...

@ Anil, and that is what I am trying to bring forth. Thanks for your read and such beautiful words.

Mayura Amarkant said...

Beautifully expressed story...interesting read...

Tina Basu said...

The power game never helps anyone. Sad thruth of life.

Saumy Nagayach said...

The term "Power" has a different meaning in our part of the world! Here we define power just on the basis of the stature of a person and not by the values! Sad but true!

Utpal said...

@ Mayura Amarkant, thanks for your read and like

Utpal said...

@ Tina Basu. thanks for your read and understanding

Utpal said...

@ Saumay, Thanks once again for your time for my Blog and writes.

Abhinav Kumar said...

Seems like a movie was running in my head...good lineup of all the characters..

@bloggerabhi1 from

Utpal said...

Thanks a lot Abhinav.

Deepti Agarwal said...

Humanity dies everyday if you look around... N we also contribute to the circumstances sometimes mn