Thursday, July 28, 2016

The New Dawn (Continues)

“Hey Amaay!” multiple voices greeted me together.

I was so happy to see my batchmates after four years and for a change all were dressed up as gentlemen. 

“It is so good to see you after such a long time” They all moved towards me and spontaneously I moved towards them to hug each one.

The warmth of love from old friends is incomparable.

“Thanks for coming” Akash hugged me saying this.

“Oh ho! So here is the most gentlemanly groom, guys. He has learnt being formal with buddies.” I teased him.

All laughed and we again hugged one another.

“Where are others?” I asked on seeing only ten of us present.

“They couldn’t make it Amaay. The distance and preoccupations made them change their plans” Akash answered smilingly. 

“Yes, distance matters” I tried to convince myself in a grunted voice.

“Leave this entire thing buddy; it’s time to hit the bar. You guys make yourself comfortable” Akash changed the topic to enliven our mood.

“You don’t worry Mr. Groom. We will look after ourselves. You be with your family and wish you happy martyring” somebody cracked a joke and we all laughed.

“Hey! Here comes Nisha. What a wonderful surprise” with all warmth and surprise, they moved forward to welcome Nisha.

I turned back and glanced at Nisha. In multi embellished grey and white combinational wide border with ethnic prints georgette saree complemented with gold jewelry and high heels; she was looking stunningly gorgeous. With her hair open and a white bindiya on her forehead she made most of the heads turn towards her for a moment. 

All the batchmates walked towards her and greeted her. She hugged Akash and wished him. 

“Welcome Nisha and thank you for making my marriage memorable. Please make yourself comfortable with the gang. I shall join you guys after the rituals.”

“Yes Akash and do not worry about us. We will be comfortable together. Best of luck and stay blessed.” Nisha made Akash comfortable.

“Let’s go to the bar Nisha” someone from the gang requested.

“Yes Sure!”

“What would you like to have Nisha?”

“I will pick a Pina colada”

“What! Pina - Colada? Come on Nisha; catch up at-least with the beer”

Nisha smiled and asked politely for Pina Colada again. 

“You have become so serious and formal Nisha. I hope all is good.”

“Couldn’t have been better and motherhood brings metamorphic changes in women guys.”

“That is one stroke in a million. We surrender.” Saying this Harish ordered for a Pina - Colada for her.

I took up a large of Laphroaig with a dash of water and non- stirred. By now I was feeling smoky and I just wanted to taste smoke.

Utpal Kant Mishra

P.S: This write is linked to Half Marathon 2016 by Blog Chatter. This story is a work of Fiction. Day 12   #DailyChatter


Saumy Nagayach said...

good one :)

Utpal said...

Thanks for feedback Saumy! There is still more to it :)