Friday, July 29, 2016

The New Dawn (Continues - Part 5)

Nisha moved a little ahead of the group and was standing alone, sipping her drink.

“I could see a lot of change in you. You were so energetic and bubbly just four years back and now look at you, you are sounding like a mature person.” I reached her and by now I had decided to talk directly with her without any formalities and hesitation.

“I am still energetic and probably I am now more energetic and trust you me on this” She smiled.

“How could I know this, but I trust you”. I sounded comfortable. 

“I must say you have matured” I continued with my eyes twirling as I tried to tease her this time.

There was silence for a few minutes that made me think that this was not a proper statement. 

“In - fact we all have matured” I tried to loosen up the supposed stressful situation.

“We have matured? Or we have aged?” She was still smiling and with small sigh put her point calmly.

This sentence hit me hard in my heart and I realised how meaningful this small statement is. It’s true; maturity has no linkage with age. 

This is the first time today that my eyes got fixed on her face for a few minutes. I realised that this is not the same Nisha I had been with or she was always the same but I never noticed when we were together. She is more mature and with the right side of things than I have ever thought. 

“If you were this mature all the time, why did you take that kind of decision and for God’s sake, you understand what I am talking about. A little more time could have kept me in your life.” There was an unfamiliar anxiety in my voice while saying this to her.

Utpal Kant Mishra

(To be continued)

PS: This write is linked to Half Marathon 2016 by Blog Chatter. This story is a work of Fiction. Day 13  #DailyChatter


Saumy Nagayach said...

Waiting for final parts... how many remaining? :)

Utpal said...

Hey Saumy! Thanks for standing by.

It concludes tomorrow :)

Tarang Sinha said...

I strongly believe that age doesn't guarantee maturity.

You have handled the discomfort (between a couple meeting after long) well.

Utpal said...


I am humbled.

Thanks for your read and time.