Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The New Dawn (Continues)

It was my turn now for the counter and I was mechanically doing the formalities while mentally I was thinking about our last days together. I was in a hurry to catch up with her and have some talks. I was curious to know about her past four years. 

I now knew that curiosity never ends, it simply changes the subject to keep us engaged with it.

She was sipping coffee at café coffee day when I entered the boarding lounge. I went over to the counter and helped myself with a Latte while she coldly watched me.

There were so many things I wanted to talk about but suddenly I was groping even for the first greeting word.

It sounds easy but it is really difficult to accept sudden changes and it is even more difficult to change one to adjust in the new way of life. 

“Hi!” with great difficulty I could greet her with this only.



“Yes” she smiled. 

“What’s your seat number?”

“6 C!”


“16 A!”

The boarding announcement flashed and she picked up her hand bag.

“See you!”

I realised that eight line conversation has taken approximately thirty odd minutes and just four years back in these many minutes we used to talk almost half a novel’s volume. I was sure that now I don’t have a chance of in flight conversation so I took my seat with all my curiosity standing inside my mind.

Humans by nature are curious without knowing that curiosity is contagious at times and surely at all the times when this curiosity is about your Ex. It keeps on pestering you till its quench is satiated.

Two hours and forty minutes passed like a decade when the aircraft landed at Bengaluru. It took me three hours to meander through the maddening traffic of Bengaluru in a taxi to reach The Zuri Whitefield. I sighed in relief that I do not have to be in traffic after this ride as both marriage and reception was in this hotel itself. By the time I reached hotel I needed a hot water bath before doing anything. I freshened up and dressed myself in single breasted cummerbund Tuxedo and headed for the marriage hall.

Utpal Kant Mishra

P.S: This write is linked to Half Marathon 2016 by Blog Chatter. This story is work of Fiction. Day 11 #DailyChatter


Saumy Nagayach said...

I'm following this story from very first chapter.. you have paced it very well. :)

Utpal said...

Thanks Saumy for reading them all and giving me your valuable feed back.

There is more of the plot to unveil in this story.

Keep me upadated with your feedbacks