Monday, December 31, 2007

Moving on a Fast Track

Geek !!!!

I still remember when I was in school !!! I still remember my School Mates !!! I still remember my college !!! I still remember ........ and there is no reminisces ...... They are still bright in memories, as if it was only yesterday.I met my schoolmates a few days back, just to find that they all have grown grey bears, some white hairs and some mixed colored moustache ..... and their kids were calling me Uncle........!!

So, whether my memories are travelling in time machine or the hustle - bustle of life has made me forgot the pace with which life is moving on ..... I was pondering !!! and was awaken by the sweet voice "Uncle, please pass me that ball, it is under your feet"......

I realise that I really have "Balls under my feet" making me have a roller - costar ride. Life moved on, few things gained, few lost ...... some happy days, some sad days...... the same morning and the same night ......
"Buddhe !!! Kya Soch Raha Hai" ....... one of my friends asked me smiling while handing me over my third Large peg of "Johnny Walker - Black Label" ..... What a blend ...... Like the kaleidoscope of life, 14 Single Malt whisky properly blended and refined to be Scotch. Isn't it life like ...... Many single small incidents; which we tend to neglect just to reach some mental chimerical goal of life that we have set for ourselves; blended at the end into one and refined to become a White Collar or Blue Collar and I now really miss the feelings of those happiness that I would have had from all those little small things. I graduated to become "Mr. Johnny Walker" .... and now probably I am traversing ahead in time to find out my "Label".
Something is in "Fast Track" ---- Time, Life or Thoughts ..............I am moving to catch this "Track" now !!!!

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